About LAMBDA Radio (English Version)

30 12 2009

Lambda is a business entity formed based on the similarity of the founders’ interest about world of radio broadcasting. The beginning of LAMBDA is from technical division team, part of the unit activities Radio Kampus ITB students. In general, Radio Kampus ITB is a unit of student activity which aims to develop interests and talents of students around keradioan world. One of the professionalism of the shaded by Radio Kampus ITB is the technical division.

FM radio transmitting device itself consists of Exciter FM 88-108 MHz, FM booster, FM radio antenna 5 / 8 lambda, and several other devices that can be transacted according to agreement. These business activities from Lambda practically is not a new product from this division. This business activity has started pioneered since the early year 2000, which is also the beginning of the period establishment of Radio Kampus ITB. While Lambda has pioneered by start accepting reservations radio device about three years ago. Intensive development marketing of products in large scale in order to achieve increase in business activity occurs in approximately last year. In conducting its business activities, Lambda has a vision to become the manufacturers of Indonesia’s leading transmitter, and the largest in the city Bandung.

Lambda is the only business group that comes from the background in the university community radio Bandung that can be creatively cultivate what obtained through the lecture on campus. Although there are many independent parties that are also moving in The same field of business, but the lambda optimistic that the efforts being carried out and will be developed further This will be healthy to compete with the parties other. These beliefs arise partly on consideration of the following things:

1. Consumers looking pretty big names Institut Teknologi Bandung as the highest institution shading units Radio Kampus ITB, and business groups who were born from there, LAMBDA.

2. Enthusiasm of the community in community radio building in the region, which is a mass communication media The most effective and can get into the various circles, that almost certainly there will always parties require production services to the FM radio transmitter. This supported also by BEM needs of each higher education institutions in West Java Province, Banten and DKI Jakarta to realize activities community service which provides greater impact and sustainable for the local community.

3. LAMBDA’s image and Radio Kampus ITB as a FM radio transmitter’s manufacturer that has formed in the world of community radio and stay awake with guarantee the quality of services provided.

4. Offer competitive price with selling price defined in the market.

5. Willing and able to serve the service request the national scope, as evidenced by several projects which has been done, a few come from outside Java.

6. LAMBDA Radio always there for you. Starting from the discussion consultation to plan the development of a radio station FM, the development of FM radio stations that already exists, production, even to the end point of FM radio stations is ready for broadcast.

Because You ‘ll Never Walk Alone …

Lambda radio…Your Broadcast Service




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