Experience is the Best Teacher–ATX Power Supply

30 12 2009

That days, saturday and sunday, December 12th and 13th…i found the practical about a saying, “Experience is the best teacher”…

On those days, I accompanied my best friend to do her enterpreneur group’s activity. Okay, shortly on saturday I accompanied her to buy 2 cooler fans for PC and a digital camera at Bandung Electronic Center (BEC). After we bought the cooler fan, i had just realized that those fans couldn’t be plugged directly to a AC source. “Oh, my…”. It meant I had to find something like a adaptor to convert the AC current to DC current 12 Volt. Shortly, that night ended with a result that a new power supply that can convert this one was offered at Rp 100.000,00. It was so expensive for something with the function like that. So, I decided to find a second-hand power supply in Jaya Plaza on sunday.

Shortly, on sunday I went to JP. In there I successed to find a second-hand power supply with price Rp 35.000,00. I went back with a great feeling about this success. But, in my ride back, i had just realized that the power supply has a auto-switch that decide it is on what state, ‘on’ or ‘off’. In usual case, this switch was embedded in a jack with 20 ports that plugged in to the motherboard. And this power supply will be used without a PC’s motherboard beside it. I had to find a way to make this power supply can operate with a direct AC source.

After I arrived in my room, I instantly try to start the power-supply without changed anything. The result is zero, there was no activity. I was panic, because this tool would be used about an hour after that time. Shortly, after asked to a senior and searching in Google, I found an image about the uses of each ports in ATX Power-Supply. Here is the image.

Finally, after some testing I found way how to activate this power-supply without a motherboard. What must I do was just use a “jumper-cable” to connected port number 13 and 14. With that “simple” way, finally I found a way to activate this power-supply. It meant I had learn something on those days. With an experience I could understand about the principle of ATX Power-Supply. Thanks to the experience. Because it could teach me a lot in a short time.

So, just do it. Because ecperience is the best teacher.




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10 07 2010
charles onato

its a nice discussion, thanks for the info

13 09 2010


9 12 2010

I couldn’t agree with you more, anyway l love your site layout. Is nice and clean.

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