30 12 2009

Love is not about what can we get, Love is about what can we give

Love is not about how to be understood by anyone we love, Love is about how to understand

Those two phrases are short and oftenly used. Maybe we often use these phrases. But, have we really understand and do it?

As a human, it’s really normal that we have someone we really love, start from our family, father, mother, brother, sister until people who’s there outside our family-ring, like girl-friend, boy-friend. As a human it’s also normal if we think and we do the inverse of  those frames. We normally think about what we could get from our love, what we could get from someone we really love. Sometimes we forget to think about what we could do to someone we really love. That act is understandable. It’s normal to a human think like that. But, what is the side-effect? We sometimes feel unhappy if something don’t happen like we want. We feel unhappy if someone we love don’t do something we want to. Whenever, we will not really be a happy human if we keep our un-genuine feeling. So, what should we do?

Just try to do everything with a genuine feeling. Someone has said, “Don’t make angry to other people as a habit, it gives more damage than its gain. Sometimes people that we angry to don’t aware that we are feeling angry to him/her. If that is the situation it will just give us more disadvantages”. So, start to this time let us try to realize our love, not just in words, but also in real act.

Do to the others anything you want they do it for you. But do this with a genuine feeling, so you will be a better human, not just for you but also for people around you.

Do anything to make someone we love know that we love him/her.




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